North Cumbria Wellbeing Service

The Cumbria Wellbeing Service aims to support individual who live in Eden and Keswick & Solway who are finding it difficult to manage a long term health condition or recent change in life circumstances (e.g. menopause, loss or retirement) or are just feeling isolated and alone.

Referrals are made through the GP surgery to our team of Living Well Coaches who are based within the practices.  Our coaches take a psychosocial approach to the difficulties that someone may be experiencing.  This means that they offer people space to talk about the way in which their health or circumstances affect them and ways in which they have are coping.  They encourage the individual to set new goals for themselves and then support them as they work towards them.  This is sometimes referred to as a ‘social prescribing’ role.

In addition to individual support, the Wellbeing Service offers several workshops and groups which include ‘healthy choices’, ‘menopause’, ‘men’s wellbeing’, ‘loss’, ‘sleep’ and ‘creativity for wellbeing’.  We also lead ‘walking for health’ groups and are involved with a variety of community projects such as ‘woodland wellbeing’, ‘happy to chat benches’ and even a very long string of bunting!