DexShell are one of the leading manufacturers of waterproof and fully breathable socks, gloves and hats currently on the market. Whether you work in the great outdoors or choose to spend your free time exploring the countryside by foot or bike, DexShell offers a range of products designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable whatever the weather.

The products use a Porelle membrane which is both fully waterproof and breathable – so it keeps water out whilst at the same time letting your skin breathe and remain dry. All the socks and gloves are available in various thicknesses which give a range of thermal ratings for true four season use. As we know, the UK summers can be just as wet as any other season!

Customer feedback and media reviews from across the world confirm that DexShell products are both hard wearing, good value for money and extremely comfortable. The dexterous shell of the garments (hence the name) ensures freedom of movement whatever your activity.

DexShell may not be able to control the weather but they can certainly help you manage your comfort whatever mother nature throws at you. Experience dry comfort with DexShell – proud supporters of the DexShell Hell in the Fells and participants in the 2021 Keswick Mountain Festival.