Tent Talks Timetable


Friday 20th May 2022

14:30 – 15:30 Dwayne Fields – Team #WeTwo

Planting seeds not flags: How two unlikely adventurers are working together to diversify the outdoors

Dwayne Fields and Phoebe Smith set up the #WeTwo Foundation to inspire the next generation using the tool of adventure. Join Dwayne to learn more about the Foundation and their adventures so far. Hear more about one of their most exciting projects to date – the #WeTwo Foundation Expedition to Antarctica. Taking place in November 2022, they will be taking a group of 10 young people on an adventure of a lifetime.

16:00 – 17:00 Jack Flekney – Expedition Africa

A 2000km Journey of story telling and fundraising. Jack is a former Royal Marine Commando, Ex-rugby player and World Record Holder who is embarking on a 2000km journey across the heart of Africa. 

Jack will be talking through the incredible plans he has to fundraise and share stories from communities in Zimbabwe, Zambia & Botswana. From running, horse back riding and mountain biking to climbing the famous Baobab Tree for 48 hours.

Saturday 21st May 2022

10:30 – 11:30 | Alan Hinkes –

Lurking in the Lakes & Himalayan exploits
Incorporating dramatic stills and video clips, Alan Hinkes illuminates his Lake District adventures & extreme exploits on the highest Himalayan & Karakoram mountains, the 14 8000ers.

When Alan completed his Challenge 8000 he joined a high-risk, exclusive club of only 12 people alive who had summitted all the world’s highest mountains – that is the same number of people who have stood on the moon. Alan is the first Briton to climb all 14 8000m peaks. 

Alan’s talk is poignant, humorous, inspiring and entertaining. He illustrates his passion for mountaineering & the hills of Britain, rock climbing, fell-walking, ice climbing as well as potholing & caving. A show not to be missed.
Alan will be selling books £25 & posters/prints £5  

12:00 – 13:00 | 3 Dads Walking 

Andy, Mike and Tim – 3 ordinary dads of 3 normal families from 3 different parts of the country; the one thing they have in common is that they lost a daughter to suicide. Sophie, Beth and Emily took their own lives and shattered the families they left behind.

Andy, Mike and Tim didn’t know one another but independently decided to create something positive from their devastating loss. This is the story of how they came together, the plans made and the people they met on their 300+ mile walk across England.

A story of hope.

13.30 – 14:30 |  Ian Finlay – My Endless Summer

Ian left the Lake District on the 12th August 2018 with an ambition to cycle unsupported around the world. Before leaving, he’d sold his Keswick house, his two cars and had resigned from a 22-year career. He wasn’t aiming to break records or prove anything to anybody but wanted simply to take stock, see the world with his own eyes and perhaps scare himself a little.

Ian rode for 587 days through 29 countries. He crossed the deserts of Central Asia, climbed the mountains of the ancient Silk Road, on the edge of the Himalayas, continued through South-East Asia, and on to Australia and New Zealand. The highlight of his adventure was seven weeks in Tajikistan, including ten days and 350 miles through the iconic Wakhan Valley, which shares the border with Afghanistan.

Carrying all he needed in the bags on his bike and the preconceptions of a lifetime, he did manage to scare himself a little. He returned home a changed person, humbled by the kindness of humans of all cultures, religions and status. The hundreds of memories, stories and life-lessons from around the world have fuelled a love of writing and three books-worth of material so far. Politics and the pandemic prevented passage through the final two countries, China and America for now but Ian plans to continue the last 30% of the circumnavigation in 2023. Hear the story so far and become part of the ongoing adventure of one man, his bike and the freedom it delivers.

15.00 – 16:00 | Mark Valentine – Navigating PTSD

Follow Mark on his journey from life changing mental illness to recovery and wellness; the darkness of PTSD transformed by the light atop mountains and beyond.

Navigating career changes, busting social stigmas and stereotypes, Mark finds new and sustainable ways to stay on the right path. 

Expect some sadness, lots of laughs, and a healthy dose of Yorkshire sarcasm.

16:30 – 17:30 | Lizzie Carr – Paddling Britain: rediscovering the UK by water

Paddleboarder and campaigner Lizzie Carr MBE shares the remarkable adventure that led her to complete three world firsts on a paddleboard in just three years.

Lizzie talks candidly about her unexpected cancer diagnosis and how this led her to SUP. She shares motivations, fears and, importantly, learnings along the way.

Lizzie has covered the length of England and in 2018 released her debut book, Paddling Britain, sharing 50 of her favourite routes. In this talk, Lizzie expresses the importance of adventure with purpose to tackle environmental issues and the work of her non-profit, Planet Patrol.

Sunday 22nd May 2022

10:30 – 11:30 Isaac Kenyon – Climate Explorers

World-First Eco Adventure 14 Days South: Over Sea and Land

Five eco-adventurers cycled across the UK, with a few twists… They used waterbikes to perform two first of a kind sea crossings! The team passed through six of the UK’s National Parks, meeting with numerous experts in the environmental space, to share and highlight climate solutions and how humans are interfering with nature, and what can be done to restore green and blue spaces. Isaac founder of the Pedal 4 Parks team will share the innovative climate solutions and story behind the eco-adventure in person.

12.00 – 13:00 Steve Wharton | Filming Bill’s Journey After Dawn

When the pandemic stopped a Maryport festival celebrating the centenary of the birth of pioneering climber and artist Bill Peascod, storyteller Steve Wharton was commissioned to make a short film in its place.

The result was a ninety-one minute documentary shot in Cumbria, New South Wales and Kyoto featuring rare paintings, previously unseen archive material, an amazing soundtrack by Cumbrian and Australian musicians, and contributions by friends and fellow climbers including Bill Birkett, John Innerdale MBE and Japanese calligrapher Shotei Ibata.

Join Steve as he shares the story of making At Home In The Steep Places, a journey which began with Vikings, Terry Abraham and the 28 Dales Later podcasts series.

13.30 – 14:30 Misba Khan  | The Women’s Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2018

The Women’s Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2018 was a true collaborative effort.

Eleven women from across Europe and the Middle East came together to achieve something remarkable, something that would have been impossible for any of us to have achieved alone as individuals – some had never skied before or seen snow, and non had experienced tempertures of -40. so how did they do it?

15:00 – 16:00 Nic Hardy  | T Lake District micro adventures: making everyday life adventures more sustainable and achievable

Komoot ambassador Nicola Hardy worked in IT in South Yorkshire for a decade before diving into life as an adventurer and outdoor writer in 2019. She began by climbing all 282 of Scotland’s Munros and – after her plans to hike 3000km in New Zealand were scuppered by Covid – she continued adventuring closer to home.

In 2020 she walked 330km from her birthplace in Sheffield to her new home in Cockermouth, Cumbria, journeying on foot across three national parks; and in 2021 she climbed all 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District over seven weekends, a quirky book-by-book peak-bagging adventure. Nic is an avid wild camper and long-distance walker, who loves sharing her adventures on Instagram (@adventurer.nic).

Come and hear all about her series of Lake District micro adventures and how you can make your adventures more sustainable and achievable in everyday life.